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You work on on an accounting system designed for your business’ specific needs. It simplifies your work and minimizes errors. An unlimited number of your authorized employees can access the secure system similtaneously.

  • Access to any module can be restricted.
  • You no longer have to transfer files to us, which is a cumbersome process.
  • Your firm and ours work together on the same secure online environment so you receive pinpoint support and no longer have to transfer files to us.
  • You never have to purchase or maintain an in-house accounting system again.
  • Your are able to manage your cash flow more effectively, thanks to real-time snapshots of your business’financial health.
  • Your can do your accounting work 27/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • You never have to worry about loosing your accounting date, due to viruses, hard disk crashes, or transferring it from one computer to another.


Ensuring the security and privacy of your data is paramount to us. Our system uses some of the most sophisticated security systems available today:

  • 128-bit SSL encription, the same protocol used by banks, financial institutions, and governments to encrypt and transmit data
  • Firewall protections and advanced intrusion detection devices on all servers.
  • Highly secure data center facilities with redundant hardware.


Already Familiar To You

The screens in Accounting Relief have been designed to look like your existing accounting software, so learning the system is easy and quick. Of course, if you have questions at any time, were here to help.

We can seemlessly import date directly from your current accounting system to Accounting Relief.

Convenient and Safe

Since Accounting Relief is fully Web-based, you have 24/7 access from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

  • Work from Home or the office at your convenience or even on the road.
  • And with no software to install on your computer, we eliminate the risk of viruses, malware and hard drive crashes


Designed Just For You

  • With Accounting Relief, we can provide access to exactly the functions that make sense for you.
  • Maybe you want to shield yourself from all the details of accounting, and just have a system where you can write checks and enter deposits slips
  • Or, maybe you and your staff require a full accounting system with accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliations and payroll.
  • Whatever your needs, we can personalize the Accounting relief system just for you.

Our processing time has decreased by over 50%. All of my payroll clients are now using Payroll Relief, because it offers a time-saving, money-saving solution to all of our payroll issues. Payroll is easy to run and compliance forms are a snap. I would highly recommend this program.

~ Corry Riley, Brookville, PA

We’ve grown our number of payrolls processed by 50% since we started using Payroll Relief. Very powerful and cost-effective. As payroll providers, we have peace of mind knowing tax payments and payroll tax returns are being electronically filed in a timely manner. If you are researching other payroll software, look no further.

~ Jenny Pickhard, Middleton, WI

CPA Practice Advisor – October 2012



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